Who is Claudio

It is not easy to describe a person in a few lines, and this difficulty increases when the person in question is one of those you are only rarely lucky enough to know. Claudio was an eclectic boy, full of life.

He was born on 18 April 1987 to Daddy Mario, a lawyer, and Mummy Giuseppina Restivo, a social worker, and he lived in Canicattì, in the province of Agrigento, until he graduated. He graduated with a school leaving certificate in sciences from the “A. Sciascia” secondary school in Canicattì, and decided to enrol at the faculty of Law at the University of Palermo, maybe because law was an ever-present discipline in his home.

During his brilliant course of study, which ended with him being awarded a PhD with honours, he spent the last year of university at the Universidad de Sevilla as part of the Erasmusproject: an experience that would make a great impression on the man and the lawyer. An unconditional love for the Andalusian city lead him to buy a symbolic share of the Betis Seville in 2014, affecting the management of the club in particular with such a gesture.

At that time, he was passionate about the internationalist branch and for this reason he spent a semester at the European Commission in Brussels from the end of 2012 to the beginning of 2013, on one of the training courses promoted by European bodies and aimed at the most meritorious young graduates.

When he returned to Italy, he launched himself headfirst into his studies to become registered as a specialist in forensics but, a nasty twist of fate meant that, a few days before the beginning of the written tests, he discovered that he could not complete the task he had been preparing for because he had to start his treatment on the same day. However, not wanting to waste all the sacrifices he had made so far to prepare for the examination, he decided, in the midst of his treatment, to graduate at the CNF thanks to the qualification he had already obtained in Spain.

During the two years he spent fighting, no one ever heard him ask why he had been affected by all this, instead he faced everything with a dignity and a strength that was out of the ordinary. Friends remember that, right from the beginning, his only concern was the state of mind of his parents and sister, Alessandra, as he did not want them to suffer too much because of the battle he had to undertake.

It was not only his profession that made him stand out, but also his hobbies and passions. A die hard Inter fan, he celebrated the Madrid Champions League final between the Nerazzurri and Bayern Munich in Spain. As a lover of good music, he enjoyed playing guitar in various bands born of the passion that he shared with friends. Passionate about technology and computing, he was always ready to solve problems with devices for friends and acquaintances. His lifestyle and his ability to always have a smile despite his suffering is unforgettable.

Claudio was this and much more and he lives and will continue to live in the pages and activities that this Foundation organises created on the basis of his ideas.

Claudio was and is “La Clessidra”, ready to reverse fate before it is too late.


Here are some testimonies that, like a jigsaw puzzle, help to rebuild the rare personality of Claudio: