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The Foundation “LA CLESSIDRA – CLAUDIO GIUDICE PER LA VITA – is a non-profit organisation that exists thanks to the collaboration and assistance of natural or legal persons, individuals or associates, both public and private, and entities that share its purpose of social utility and solidarity.

Anyone can support us with free gifts, money contributions, goods or services and legacies. People who intend to make an economic contribution in any form, will be entitled to benefit from the provisions of art. 14 of Legislative Decree No 35 of 14 March 2005, which allows such contributions to be deducted from the total income declared by the donor.


Become a foundation participant

If you pledge to increase the assets of the foundation with an initial contribution of 250 euros and 100 euros as an annual contribution, you will be foundation participant. The same result can be achieved if you use your professional or volunteering skills to carry out support, information and prevention activities as well as putting on events.

You can thus become a “Foundation Participant” with a modest but constant “commitment” contributing over time to increasing the Foundation’s assets, participating in its activities and acquiring the rights and obligations under the Statute.

Article 4 of the Statute: “Founding Participants” are natural or legal persons, individuals or associations, both public and private, and entities which, by sharing the Foundation’s aims, undertake to increase the Foundation’s assets through a contribution of money, goods or services, qualified as such by an irrevocable resolution of the Board of Directors for the minimum initial contribution amount set at Euro 250.00 (two hundred and fifty point zerozero), with an annual contribution of Euro 100.00 (one hundred point zerozero). In this case, the qualification as Foundation Participant lasts for the entire period for which the contribution is paid or the performance made.”Go to the Statute

Become a supporting participant

You will be a supporting participant if you contribute to the life of the foundation and to the realisation of its goals (see above) by way of contributing with a one-time payment or by contributing professionally or as a volunteer.

Article 4 of the Statute: “Supporting Participants” are natural or legal persons, individuals or associates, both public or private, and entities that share the Foundation’s purpose, contribute to the life of the Foundation and to the achievement of its purposes by means of one-off cash contributions, activities, including professional, of particular importance or the assignment of tangible or intangible assets, and are qualified as such by an irrevocable resolution of the Board of Directors “- Go to the Statute

Thus you can make a “one-off” donation which will contribute to supporting the Foundation’s activities.

Occasional donations

Article 3 of the Statute: “The Foundation provides for the achievement of its goals, as well as its intended assets with… any contributions and donations from public and private entities, intended for the implementation of the statutory goals.”

You can therefore make occasional donations, including on behalf of third parties and / or for a particular purpose or as a contribution towards the implementation of specific projects and / or initiatives.

Below you will find forms to formalise each of the above options.
Whatever your choice may be, including the choice of not participating in the Foundation in any of the above ways, we would like you to know the Foundation is grateful that you accessed the site and devoted a few minutes of your time to its vision.

Transfer to bank account IBAN: IT 17 I 02008 82882 000104330568

Download and print this association form.
Fill it in and send it with a copy of the donation:

  • By post to: Fondazione La Clessidra – Claudio Giudice per la vita
    piazza Don Bosco n. 2
    92024 Canicattì (AG)
  • By email to: info@fondazionelaclessidra.it

Upon receipt of your request you will be sent a letter and a tax receipt (by email or post) attesting to the association.