About us

The “LA CLESSIDRA – CLAUDIO GIUDICE PER LA VITA – ONLUS” was set up in 2016 thanks to the will of the parents and sister of Claudio, a young and talented Canicattì lawyer, who left us at the age of twenty-eight because of a rare form of tumour.

Two years of interventions and care that Claudio faced with with extreme dignity and a deep respect for all the people (doctors, nurses, family and friends) who followed the evolution of the illness to its unfortunately fatal outcome.

The sloping hourglass replacing the letter “I” symbolises the purpose of the foundation to help people have more time, turning that hourglass giving them more “sand” time to live on this earth.

Our mission is to help scientific research for the prevention and treatment of rare tumour diseases, especially germ cell tumours. To this end, we aim to provide scholarships for young doctors, oncologists, biologists and other professionals, involved in the research and prevention of these diseases to enable them to attend training sessions, including those abroad.

We also intend to support patients suffering from rare cancers that require care and / or interventions that are not insured by the National Health Service and who cannot pay for the treatment themselves. Clessidra also supports the implementation of service and support activities for these patients and information campaigns to help prevent these illnesses.

The purpose is to give the hope of life.

The Foundation is supported by donations from Friends and the proceeds from cultural, musical and sporting events that we specially organise to find the sums needed for training, support and information purposes.

The Foundation exists thanks to Claudio and, thanks to the Foundation, Claudio continues to live not only in the memory of those who love him but his being is a concrete help to those who can still hope to live.